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Alsace by Bike
We spent the last three days biking around the northern part of the Alsace region. We were based in Obernai at the Hotel la Cloche. We managed to get in about 120km of biking around and tasting what the region had to offer. Because I had the e-bike I did all the heavy lifting (we filled the panniers to capacity with bottles of wine) and the Stromer proved its worth.

The weather was very good, the food was excellent and the wine was sensational. Here is a list of the villages and towns we were able to visit ...

Day 1 (34.6 km) - Basel by train to Selestat - Scherwiller - Dieffenthal - Dambach-la-Ville - Blienschwiller - Nothalten - Itterswiller - Eichhoffen - Mittelbergheim - Barr - Heiligenstein - Goxwiller - Bernardswiller - Obernai (late lunch, then dinner at hotel restaurant)

Day 2 (45.7 km) - Obernai (breakfast) - Bischoffsheim - Rosheim (oil for Leila's bike) - Dorlisheim - Molsheim - Mutzig - Rosenwiller - Rosheim (steak lunch, 1 riesling) - Boersch - Ottrott (2 pinot noirs) - St Nabor - Bernardswiller (1 cremant, 1 gewurztraminer, 1 riesling) - Obernai (dinner at Dime)

Day 3 (40.8 km) - Obernai (breakfast) - Bernardswiller - Heiligenstein - Barr - Mittelbergheim - Andlau (2 cremants) - Itterswiller (lunch) - Nothalten - Blienschwiller - Dambach-la-Ville - Dieffenthal - Scherwiller - Selastat (then by train to) St Louis - Basel

Sunday, 1st of June, 2014 at 8:26 pm
Spring is here now?
We had our first really sunny weekend for the year. Both mornings we walked down to nearby Kannenfeldpark and just lay down on some towels to enjoy the warmth.

Late Sunday afternoon Margot and Ueli (we went to their wedding in Vienna last September) invited us down to sit beside the Rhein and have dinner with them. Very nice!

Monday, 19th of May, 2014 at 8:30 am
Home furnishing
We've nearly completed fitting out our apartment now. Back in April we had a company come and install some built-in cupboards, drawers and storage space for us in the upstairs loft area. We also were able to purchase and frame some aboriginal artworks. We hung some of our new artwork up around the place and I took a few photographs. I added them to the 'moving day' photographs I uploaded back in January.

You can find them all HERE.

Sunday, 11th of May, 2014 at 4:46 pm
Bensheim retreat
A couple hours on the train took us back to Bensheim for a few days with Christoph and Anneli. We spent a lovely few days visiting them and seeing how their little girl Emilia is developing (very cute and quite shy). They are expecting another baby this year and if all goes well they will have a new little boy by the end of August!

As usual, the Winters took exceedingly good care of us, huge breakfasts included. We also returned to the excellent Blauer Aff for a very nice dinner.

Plus, we finally found some decent flatware. No more Frankensteinien place-settings when we hold dinner parties.

Sunday, 4th of May, 2014 at 4:54 pm
Le Ref 2
Went to Paris to referee at the biggest ladies touch tournament in Europe. Managed to achieve my level 2 badge while there (this means I can ref at the European championships later this year).

Paris was, as usual, fantastic. We saw Sacre Coeur and visited the Musee d'Orsay. One night, Leila and I had dinner at Poulette and it was superb.

Monday, 28th of April, 2014 at 1:21 pm